Sound Rituals in collaboration with Sol Calero.

Photos by Philip Wiegard


- Snake Urchin with Sea Urchin (Francesco Cavaliere & Leila Hassan), Tape Modern, November 4, 2011.

- Field Studies at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin October 19, 2011

- Battering Ram performance at the opening of Drei with Anneli Schütz, featuring Sol Calero, Christopher Kline and Ismail Cetinkaya with his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight-team. Galerie Conradi, Hamburg. May 15, 2011.

- Snakebraid & Sol Calero, El Apartamento, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 2011.

- US Tour with Owlhead/Wooden Man and Sol Calero, January 2011.

- Snakebraid & Sol Calero with Tomutonttu at Centre of Contemporary Art, Torun, Poland. December 2010.

- Welcoming to Regalos Ancestrales with Sol Calero and Dominik Noé, November 14, 2010, Mark & Kyoko, Berlin.

- Secret Ceremony at Waterfall in Viktoria Park with Sol Calero, Michael Northam, Brent Wadden and Dominik Noé, October 2, 2010, Berlin.

- "C", with Michael Northam, Marcel Türkowsky and Sol Calero, September 18th, 2010, Sameheads, Berlin.

- Mímisbrunnr (Cat Ramp & Lair for Odin) with Sol Calero, September 11, 2010, Golden Parachutes, Berlin.

- Domus de Janus Sardegna Secret Tomb Tour- August 11-22, 2010
with Jooklo Duo, Albero Rovesciato, & Doro Bengala.

- Michael Northam/Snakebraid- July 11, 2010 at Altes Finazamt, Berlin.

- Fountain Tomb- June 20, 2010 [Through Grimmuseum/Berlin-Kreuzberg Biennale]
Featuring the Tethered Spirits of Francesco Cavaliere, Jan Pfeiffer and Dominik Noè.
Death masks, water drums and dirges composed on orphaned instruments for burial.

- 13 Stations of the Snakebraid- June 3, 2010 at Grimm Museum, Berlin.

photo: Tomoto photo: Tomoto