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-Gemeine Gesteine- Gruben (Sessions I) CDR, 2011.
-Hush Hush- Ooze 12" Single, Dyssembler
-Hush Hush- Supernatural EP
-Night Music- Devils CDR, Feather Throat, 2011.
-Gemeine Gesteine- Gemeine Gesteine CD, 2010
-Liftedness II- Night Music/Owlhead, Wooden Man split cassette, Don't Trust The Ruin, 2010
-Night Music- Orphaned Instruments All Destroyers of the Heart [Part I.], Feather Throat, 2010
-Night Music- Centrifuge for One Million Past Lives, self-released, 2010
-Liftedness I- Night Music/Owlhead, Wooden Man split Cassette, Cabin Floor Esoterica, 2010
-Hush Hush- OH GOD 2010, CDR 2010
-Wooden Veil- LP/CD, Dekorder 2009
-Soft Peace- Teufelsberg Sessions, Cassette, Goaty Tapes 2008
-Darkling Plain- The Vein Are Soon Surprised (with Shon Mahoney/Lee Buford), CDR Sparkle City 2007
-Night Music- Dusty Works, CDR 2007
-†- double cassette, one 40 minute, one infinite loop, Dust Era 2006
-†- self-titled CD(Glacial Ghost Orchestra Cover), Night Music 2006